Pulse feature tour

Pulse provides all the features you need from a continuous integration server. This tour highlights how Pulse works with you to get the most from your automated builds.

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about ci continuous integration

Pulse gets all the continuous integration basics right:

  • Tool support: integration with popular build and test tools.
  • SCM integration: see what's changed, and how it affects the build.
  • Notifications: flexbile suscriptions separate signal and noise.

about simplicity simplicity

Pulse is designed for usability, to save you time:

  • Setup in minutes: you can try it today.
  • Rich AJAX-powered interface: see only what you need to.
  • Self-configured defaults: it Just Works out-of-the-box.

about power power

Pulse supports advanced features to improve your productivity:

  • Multiplatform distributed builds: test all environments in parallel.
  • Personal developer builds: test your changes before you commit.
  • Project dependencies: deliver artifacts between your builds.

about maintainability maintainability

Pulse looks after itself, saving you money:

  • Unique DRY configuration: using powerful configuration templates.
  • Smart and easy upgrades: build agents upgrade automatically.
  • Automatic daily backups: saves your configuration, just in case.

about flexibility flexibility

Pulse doesn't force you to change the way you work:

  • Adapts to your environment: all features are built on a flexible core.
  • OSGi-based plugin system: add support for your favourite tools.
  • Full-featured remote API: automate and integrate using XML-RPC.