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Adapts to Your Environment

Pulse employs a layered design to offer flexibility without complexity:

  • Common tasks are all handled in the web interace.
  • Complex builds can be configured at a lower level.
  • Custom processing can be configured using regular expressions.
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Integration With External Systems

Your continuous integration server doesn't exist in a vacuum. Pulse integrates with:

  • Bug trackers (e.g. Bugzilla, Jira).
  • Change viewers (e.g. Fisheye, Trac, ViewVC).
  • Version control/SCM servers (e.g. git, Perforce, Subversion).
  • Existing LDAP infrastructure.

OSGi-based Plugin System

Continuous integration servers have to interact with many different tools. To do this in an extensible way, tool support in Pulse is pluggable:

  • Built on the OSGi standard.
  • Persistence is handled automatically.
  • Configuration forms are automatically generated.

Comprehensive Remote API

Use the comprehensive XML-RPC remote API to configure, monitor and control your Pulse server.

  • Access all of your configuration.
  • Trigger project builds.
  • Query latest build results.
  • Embed information from Pulse in other applications.
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