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Multiplatform Distributed Builds

Pulse supports distributed builds out-of-the-box via build agents. Agents:

  • Allow building on multiple machines in parallel.
  • Can be used to test across multiple platforms.
  • Can be assigned builds based on their capabilities.

Personal Builds

Pulse supports testing your changes before you commit them via personal builds:

  • Submit your local changes to Pulse directly for testing.
  • If your changes break, nobody else is affected!
  • Develop on one platform, then test on many before you commit.
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Project Dependencies

Pulse has built-in support for project dependency management:

  • Declare dependencies between your projects.
  • Deliver built artifacts to downstream projects.
  • Trigger builds when an upstream project changes.
  • Built on Apache Ivy for interoperability.
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Role-based Security

Control access to your Pulse server using role-based security:

  • Users are gathered into groups.
  • Fine-grained permissions are assigned to groups.
  • Access to projects and agents can be configured using ACLs.
  • Integrate with existing LDAP users and groups.
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