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Simple Setup

Pulse can be installed as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Download and unpack.
  2. Run pulse start.
  3. Follow the setup wizard.
When the wizard completes, you're presented with a page containing common next steps. No more fumbling around with incomprehensible text files!

Rich AJAX-powered Configuration UI

The Pulse web UI includes a comprehsive administration interface that:

  • Uses AJAX to improve usability.
  • Is more responsive than regular forms.
  • Has built-in documentation.
  • Allows you to test key settings before saving them.

Rich Reporting UI

You can view the status of your projects, builds and agents using Pulse's rich reporting interface. This interface:

  • Uses AJAX to automatically keep up to date as builds are running.
  • Includes a configurable dashboard for every user.
  • Shows server activity and build queues.

Automatically Configured Defaults

To reduce the time you need to spend configuring things, Pulse will automatically configure things for you:

  • Build tools (e.g. ant, make, xcode) are picked up from the environment.
  • Platforms (e.g. Java, .Net) are located automatically.
  • New projects are configured with sensible defaults.
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