customer testimonials

Hear what some of our customers have been saying about Pulse, both the product itself and the support that we provide:

We really like Pulse's clean, intuitive interface, rich API, and strong support for Windows and Mac applications. Their tech support has been fantastic.

Stephen Ng :: Google Release Engineering

We use Pulse and we like Pulse. Pulse quality has risen immensely over the time and its feature list is continually growing. This wonderful product has real slick design which makes it easy for one to configure/setup different build and validation strategies. Most importantly, it works real well with our cross platform build and validation needs. Also, they have real good tech support.

Deven Panchal :: Intel Corporation

Pulse continues to impress me as the best CIS tool I have evaluated. In particular it is clear to me that a tremendous amount of thought and analysis went in to determining the fundamental requirements of a CIS and ensuring those requirements were fully met. It is truly wonderful to work with a tool designed to solve a specific set of problems rather than meet a set of marketing specifications.

Stephen Nesbitt :: Absaroka Tech - Seattle WA

...look no further than Pulse from Zutubi. This is a truly fabulous product. Easy to set up, easy to use, easy to get everyone in your team hooked. In less than 10 mins I had a server setup, pointed at my svn repository and checking for commits. Any breaks in the build or unit tests result in immediate mails to the developers.

Todd Papaioannou :: Teradata/NCR

I want to thank you guys for all the support you're giving us at the moment as I know the support queries have been literally flooding in lately. I must say it is absolutely great to have responsive, intelligent guys dealing with us. I would also like to take the opportunity to congratulate you both on a great product. Even though its still in development I think it's a great piece of kit and I will definitely be evangelising about it. I really like the nice 'friendly' user interface. I think I'm going to be following Pulse's evolution with interest for quite a while!

James French :: NaturalMotion

We have found that since installing Pulse, the time taken to manage the general day to day running our our build system has reduced to almost nothing. Only when we need new configurations does any time need to be spent on the system, generally it just works happily in the background. While we've been using the system it has had significant impact on our ability to deliver regular updates to our users. We can have any number of build coordinators, any of whom can initiate a new build for any of the supported build targets/operating systems irrespective of the system that coordinator is running. This also reduces to the load on the developers, who are now free to concentrate on coding. The other main advantage of Pulse for our development process is that any developer can easily see the impact (if any) of their changes on other supported architectures, without the need to maintain multiple build configurations locally.

Paul Gregory :: Aqsis

I've tried Pulse and like it a lot - great job! In my opinion it is the best build server available.

Alexey Maslov :: Rumba Framework

Pulse has helped our team to eradicate build configuration and testing issues in a number of projects across the PowerPC and Intel x86 architectures, giving us confidence that our software will continue to work on diverse configurations. In the meantime, we are free to develop our applications and libraries; safe in the knowledge that Pulse will let us know when something goes wrong.

Jeremy Higgs :: the little appfactory

Pulse is easy to install, features are easy to configure and it integrates well with TestNG. We have used Pulse for months without any problems.

Stephan Schmidt ::

Pulse is ... an amazing piece of software. It has got a very nice, intuitive interface, support for the main SCMs (CVS, SVN, Perforce), SCM or timer triggered builds, support for the main build tools (Ant, Maven, Maven2, make) as well as custom builds. It also has a clever feature where the CI build definition is stored with the source code in the SCM.

Niklas Gustavsson ::

We looked at a number of Continuous Integration products, and were even using one of them for a while, but the care and feeding of that product was just too time consuming. Adding build servers or changing build environments was a task that could take hours and it was still a fragile house of cards. In that respect, Pulse "Just Works(tm)". The web-driven interface is fantastic.

Matthew Barr :: Sensory Networks

Pulse was the nicest one with a kick-ass (ajaxified) user inferface, powered by Acegi, WebWork and Hibernate (according to its JARs). It was definitely the easiest to setup and use.

Matt Raible :: Raible Designs

I know I can count on you guys for quick-turnaround fixes that work. I wish all software developers were so responsive.

Dan Herman :: digitalfish

Thanks for superior support. Pulse support has consistently been above and beyond anything we have experienced elsewhere.

Leslie Cutler :: Vicarious Visions

I'm pretty glad we've done this investment and Pulse has been acting as an essential piece in the puzzle of completing our newest release. ... For the new release of our software everything has been pretty smooth so far. This would not have been possible without your software. We've actually also been speaking and recommending your software to some of our partners.

Henrik Goldman, Owner :: X-Formation

Pulse is one of the best continuous integration servers I've used. Zutubi has done a superior job.

Joseph J. Fota, Senior Configuration Manager :: Dash Navigation, Inc.