how is Pulse licensed?

Pulse is licensed on a per server basis. This means that you will require a separate license for each Pulse master installation. A master can host a variable number of projects, users and agents.

available license types

commercial license pricing

For larger teams that need more than what is provided in the free licenses, we offer commercial Enterprise licenses. All Enterprise licenses include:

  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited users
  • 1 year of upgrades and priority support

Enterprise licenses are priced based on the number of build agents, to reflect the build capacity of the server. As you add agents to a server they become progressively cheaper:

Tier Per Agent Price Example Total
Pulse Server
(includes 1 agent) 1 agent US $900
Agents 2-3 US $450 per agent 3 agents US $1,800
Agents 4-5 US $350 per agent 5 agents US $2,500
Agents 6-15 US $300 per agent 15 agents US $5,500
Agents 16-25 US $250 per agent 25 agents US $8,000
Agents 26-45 US $200 per agent 45 agents US $12,000
Agents 46-70 US $150 per agent 70 agents US $15,750
Agents 71-100 US $100 per agent 100 agents US $18,750
Agents 101-250 US $75 per agent 250 agents US $30,000
Agents 251-500 US $60 per agent 500 agents US $45,000

Note: Customers in Australia must add 10% to the listed price to account for GST.

Note: Previously three initial tiers of Pulse commercial licenses were defined: Standard, Professional and Enterprise. We have now eliminated those fixed tiers in favour of the more flexible model above. Existing customers will have their current pricing honoured, excepting rare cases where the price has now dropped (those customers will have their renewal cost adjusted down accordingly).

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