open source licenses

Zutubi benefits greatly from the use of open source software. To provide something back to the open source community, we offer free licenses to approved open source projects.

An open source license entitles you to a Pulse installation with the following restrictions:

  • 1 server with a maximum of 5 agents;
  • up to 5 projects; and,
  • unlimited users.
If your project has special requirements that are not satisfied by the above restrictions, please let us know. We are happy to discuss custom open source licenses.


Please ensure that the requirements outlined below are satisfied before applying for an open source license:

  1. Your project is an open source project as defined by the Open Source Initiative.
  2. The project is visibly active. One indicator of activity is regular updates to the project source code. Whether or not a project is considered as active is at the discretion of Zutubi Pty Ltd.
  3. You are a committer for the project.

apply for a license

To apply for a free open source license, please fill in the form below:



The license that you will receive by email is provided under the terms of the Pulse open source license agreement. By using the license you agree to abide by those terms.

need help hosting Pulse?

Do you have an open source project that you want to build, but no server to build it on? Contact us, we may be able to provide hosting for you.