open source

Here at Zutubi we are major beneficiaries of open source: Pulse is built atop numerous open source projects. So we're happy to be able to present some of our own contributions back to the community.

android junit report

A custom test runner for Android projects that produces XML test reports in a format similar to the Ant JUnit task. It's the easiest way to integrate Android test results with other tools (like Pulse, but certainly not limited to that).

License: Apache License, version 2.0.

zutubi android ant

A collection of Ant tasks that are useful for Android projects. These tasks are intended to complement the Ant support provided by the Android SDK.

License: Apache License, version 2.0.

zutubi diff

Zutubi Diff is a Java library for parsing and applying patch files in unified diff and other formats. You can think of it as the library equivalent of the patch(1) utility, with the beginnings of support for more than just unified diffs.

License: Apache License, version 2.0.